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Graphic Design

"In-Laws": A Cartoon

Movie poster 1/3:

Mission: To produce a movie poster of any genre with the title “In-Laws”

Genre: Children’s animation

Synopsis: Brooke’s parents lost their home in a fire so they’ve come to live with Brooke, Nathan, and their three kids. No problem right?

Process: research>sketches>synopsis>design>show others>finalize

"In-Laws": A Horror Film

Movie poster 2/3:

Mission: To produce a movie poster of any genre with the title “In-Laws”

Genre: Horror

Synopsis: Meeting one’s in-laws is supposed to be a wonderful experience that he or she will never forget, but for Caroline, it turned out to be the complete opposite.

Process: research>sketches>synopsis>design>show others>finalize

"In-Laws": A Christmas Comedy

Movie poster 3/3:

Mission: To produce a movie poster of any genre with the title “In-Laws”

Genre: Christmas romanctic-comedy

Synopsis: Zac and Bonnie just got married and are excited to spend their first Christmas in their new house as a married couple. However, before the season has even started, Bonnie’s parents show up unannounced to spend Christmas with them. But it’s Christmas…what could possibly go wrong?

Process: research>sketches>synopsis>design>show others>finalize

My Personal Logo

Mission: Design a personal logo for personal branding

Designing my personal logo was a challenge. I always wanted my logo to have a silhouette of my face. After starting the process of designing my logo, I thought that it would be interesting to implement the meaning of my last name. Campbell means “crooked mouth”. At first when I was sketching ideas, it looked a bit scary with the crooked mouth. However, once I started designing, I knew that I had designed the logo that I was imagining! I really like the way that it turned out!

Process: research>sketches>design>show others>finalize

Bridal Shower Invitation

Mission: Design a wedding shower invitation

A friend of mine asked me to design the wedding shower invitation for her shower that was to be held on March 27. She wanted a simplistic invitation that went along with her wedding colors (sage and silver). With this in mind, I created a wreath of greenery on the invitation that went along with the colors, as well as being simple.

Process: discuss details with client>research>sketches>design>get feedback>   finalize


Plan-It logo

Mission: Design a logo and brand identity all from one given word. 

I chose the word “planet” from a bowl in order to begin this project. I decided to put a little twist on it and design a logo and brand from “plan-it”. I designed Plan-It to be an event planning company, mainly focusing on weddings.

Process: word was given>mood board>sketches>design>show others>finalize


Social Media Graphic


Mission: Design a social media graphic for Rush Health Systems’ social media profiles for July 4th. 


One of the many fun projects of my internship with Rush Health Systems included designing a graphic for their social media accounts for Independence Day. 


Process: discuss details with my internship supervisor>sketches>design>feedback>submit>posted on social media


Friends of Gaineswood logo


Mission: Design a logo for the Friends of Demopolis (a group in Demopolis, Alabama that helps to fund and preserve the Gaineswood Museum) 

For one of my classes, we help work with Flying Pig Brand Agency working with clients in the surrounding areas with graphic and photography. 

Process: research on https://gaineswoodmuseum.org>sketches>design>.  feedback>show class

 While my logo wasn’t the logo chosen by the client to use, I am still really proud of how they turned out.

Friends of Gaineswood brochure


Mission: Design a z-fold brochure for the Friends of Gaineswood

For this particular project, myself, along with another student designed this z-fold brochure for the Friends of Gaineswood

Process: research on https://gaineswoodmuseum.org>sketches>design> feedback>show class

We sent this design, along with two other designs to the director to see which design she thinks that best represents them!

Project Bluejay logo

Mission: Design a brand logo for Project Bluejay for all of their marketing materials.

One of the clients that we, as part of Flying Pig Brand Agency, was Project Bluejay. Project Bluejay is a brand new project with the mission to help broaden career opportunities for high school students by offering workshops and tools that they might need.

Process: discuss details with Project Bluejay head>research>sketches>design>feedback>show class and project head

“HIPAAspotamus” Compliance event at Rush Health Systems 

Mission: Design a simple graphic for Rush Health Systems’ newsletter to announce HIPAAspotamus week at Rush

For this particular project, the Rush Health System compliance office asked for a graphic for the weekly Rush newsletter to announce their week of events to help remind people not to violate HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations.

Process: research on other hospital events of this kind>sketches>design> feedback>submit to internship advisor

At first, I designed the blue graphic on the top right with the national HIPAA logo. After I showed my advisor, the compliance office suggested that the graphic be purple with their new Rush logo with the hippo that they were going to be using with all of their HIPAAspotamus marketing.


Millennials Infographic 

Mission: Design an infographic for a specific demographic group

For my Media Buying class, I had the opportunity to do a design of something that I’ve never done before! The purpose of infographics is to present information in more of a satisfying way. We were all given a random demographic group with a list of things to research to include in the infographic.

Process: topic was randomly chosen>millennial research>sketches>design>get feedback>make changes>present with presentation


Inspirational Posters

For this project, I picked four of my favorite quotes and designed inspirational posters! Click the images to the right to get a closer look!